lunedì 2 febbraio 2015

Unruly Knucky, la Selvaggia!

fter the Harley Next Project, i've started this new adventure always in 1/8, of course.. 

This time i've decided to start the work using any kind of kit, i'll try to scratchbuild the entire motorbike. I know, it will be a long trouble..

Till now i've done the first part of the engine, starting from the cylinders and then the cranckcase. The engine is a Knucklehead, the same of last time, but now i'm going to use original plans and measures of the engine, trying to reproduce it as well as I can ..

From few photos and draws i've obtained the profiles of the fins, then printed on paper and glued onto plasticard. So they've been cutted and assembled.

Same work for the case.. profiles printed on paper, then plasticard, so cutted and glued.








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